Advantages of Disposable Wooden Tableware

1. Saving manpower, because of the one-time appearance, it can save time and manpower for some restaurants, which is very beneficial. Disposable chopsticks cutlery bag

    2. It is very hygienic to use disposable tableware sets in the restaurant, and there is no need to use tableware used back and forth.

    3. The characteristic of disposable tableware set is hygienic. It can be used not only in restaurants, but also in hospitals, because hospitals use more disposable ones, and they are the most common.

    4. For some restaurants, the use of disposable tableware is not only a hygienic issue, it is a better choice for some restaurants that are not skilled enough in washing technology. Disposable chopsticks cutlery bag

    5. In fact, disposable tableware sets are also environmentally friendly tableware, because they are recyclable and can be used to make some industrial supplies after use.

Features of bamboo and wood chopsticks set

    Nowadays, the chopsticks and toothpicks in many four-in-one chopstick sets are made of bamboo and wood, and the main reasons for using this material are as follows:

    1) Made from high-quality moso bamboo, an environmentally friendly renewable resource: This product is made from high-quality moso bamboo, which is processed through multiple processes. Moso bamboo can be matured in four years and is a renewable resource. Regardless of color and feel, or durability, it is one of the suitable raw materials for processing chopsticks and toothpicks.

    2) High-temperature ultraviolet double sterilization treatment, no painting, no waxing: high-temperature sterilization treatment, chopsticks and toothpicks are not easy to mildew and bend; no painting, no waxing, no oiling during production. Disposable chopsticks cutlery bag

    3) Convenient and hygienic: Individually packaged, more hygienic and more convenient.

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