What details should be paid attention to when choosing wooden cutlery?

There are also skills in choosing wooden tableware. Generally speaking, wooden tableware is better without cracks, hard wood, and smooth surface. If you want to choose good quality, you should know some wood knowledge.

In addition, choose wooden tableware, try not to choose those that have been painted. Painted wooden tableware has a shiny appearance. Most tableware that has been painted has a relatively high lead content. If it is used for a long time, the paint will enter the body with food and endanger human health. It is better to choose natural wood. cutlery.

Wooden tableware is a pure natural product, which is rich in resources and renewable, and has a wide range of materials. And wood, which is 100% biodegradable.

When purchasing wooden tableware, you should smell it, look at it, mold it three times, and weigh it four times.

The first is to smell the smell. Natural wood has a natural fragrance, and the treated inferior wooden tableware contains harmful substances and smells peculiar.

Second, look at the color, don’t buy ones that are particularly white or bright.

The third is to touch the texture. The surface of wooden tableware should be hard, smooth and free of cracks. When choosing, you can use your thumbnail to scratch its section to check whether it is hard enough. Take disposable wooden chopsticks as an example, they are very brittle and will break if you fold them lightly.

The fourth is the weight, which is very important when choosing wooden tableware, and it is not very suitable if the quality is too light. For example, disposable tableware has a light feeling.

In addition, the choice of wooden tableware should also pay attention to the relative density. Tableware with good wood is easy to sink in water, while ordinary wood is the opposite. On the other hand, look at the texture and hardness. Tableware made of high-quality wood has significantly higher hardness than ordinary wooden tableware.

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